Rainbows coming up to their seventh birthday
have so much to look forward to!

Look back:
Think about what you've done in Rainbows…
  ♥ Can you remember your very first meeting? What did you do?
  ♥ What was your favourite thing to do at Rainbows?
  ♥ What was the best trip out you've been on?
  ♥ What is your favourite game at Rainbows?

Pot of Gold party:
On your last meeting, it's time to party! Think about what you want to do and tell your
Leader your ideas.Two Brownies
  ♥ What games do you want to play?
  ♥ Could you have a theme – like space or animals?
  ♥ What food do you want to eat?
  ♥ Who would you like to invite? Could you invite some Brownies from the unit you're moving on to?

Why not go on the Brownies website?
Are you excited starting your Brownie Adventure? You'll have fun and make lots of friends! Look in your Pot of Gold flip book for more info, or read Sarah leaves Rainbows.